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Make your hectic business accommodations comfortable with us

When it comes to business travel, more companies are opting for serviced accommodations rather than hotels and bed and breakfasts. Serviced accommodations provide several advantages and can be especially beneficial during extended stays. Many people are hesitant to plan a trip for their employees, assuming it will be a time-consuming and difficult task. However, it is rarely as difficult as people believe. When you choose The JRR Stays, you can rest assured that your employees will have a pleasant and trouble-free stay.

Why should you choose our business accommodation?

We now offer houses and local maintenance to local cleaners, perfect for your business accommodation Stoke on Trent for your employees. Each of our business accommodations is spacious and offers flexibility in the bedroom spaces to accommodate private, twin, and triple rooms without compromising your team’s space, resulting in a more customised fit to match you and your budget.

Here at JRR Stays, we provide large and spacious living rooms, fully furnished and equipped dining rooms, and kitchens that are cleaned regularly by our local teams. This provides the ideal setting for your teams to unwind after a long day’s work and allows the team to bond far more effectively in their own space.

The price includes everything. There are no additional costs to be resolved. Our business accommodation Stoke on Trent provides the same high-quality stay and luxurious atmosphere that they would get in hotels, with a full home-from-home experience, ensuring your team stays happy on site while you keep costs under control.